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Welcome to the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group

We are a diverse group of wildlife enthusiasts and researchers who are dedicated to capturing the audible experiences of nature to improve the understanding and appreciation of Australia’s fauna by laymen and experts.

Explore our work

This site holds samples of our journals and recordings, a good deal more of our work (mostly in the restricted members pages), the means to access more, links to a vast array of resources, information to put you in touch with our people and activities and an opportunity to apply for membership.

Our Aims

The aims of the Australian Wildlife Sound Recording Group (AWSRG) are to record and disseminate the sounds and vocalisations of wildlife and other nature sounds by means of the journal AudioWings and accompanied CD or DVD, with an emphasis on Australian wildlife sounds.

To that effect the AWSRG also holds a biennial workshop to review and present findings on new equipment and projects members and others have engaged in, within Australia and abroad. As very little is known about Australian wildlife vocalisations, the AWSRG encourages members to engage in the collection of nature sounds, and consider donating them to the Australian National Wildlife Collection, Sound Library in Canberra.