AWSRG 2017 Workshop / Conference

Australian wildlife sound recording workshop

6th – 11th September, 2017

Camp Cypress, Baradine, NSW.


A week of listening to the natural world – sharing the skills and experience of nature sound recording for a variety of purposes, ranging from scientific research, to artistic responses or personal enjoyment.

Our event will be hosted at Camp Cypress near Baradine, on the edge of the Pilliga forest, the largest expanse of contiguous dry woodland in inland NSW, and a wonderful area for birdlife and wildlife sound recording.

The workshop will be a week of expert presentations and discussion, covering all aspects of wildlife and environmental sound recording, including:

  • equipment (microphones, recorders etc) and recording techniques,
  • fieldcraft and associated natural history skills,
  • editing, audio processing and archiving,
  • species identification and repertoire,
  • environmental listening and cultural responses

Practical sessions of field tuition and recording opportunities will be scheduled in nearby Pilliga forest and other natural areas.

We look forward to welcoming members and non-members. The week will be a gathering suitable for beginners, field naturalists, student and professional researchers, artists/musicians and anyone interested in engaging with the natural world more deeply through listening.



Please note: Accommodation and catering will be paid directly to Camp Cypress, either beforehand or at the time. The workshop registration fee is to be paid to AWSRG, either in person or online at eventbrite.

  • Workshop registration fee: $50
  • Accommodation options – Cabin (per night, per person): $33,
  • Powered site (per night): $20 single / $25 couple,
  • Unpowered site (per night): $15 single, $20 couple +$5 per extra person
  • Meals (fully catered, breakfast, lunch & dinner) per day: $42 (individual dietary needs can be arranged)


Camp Cypress has four cabins, each with four rooms and 6 bunks per room (up and down). So 16 rooms in total. Each room has AC and its own bathroom, and each cabin has a small kitchen. We are hoping to be able to allocate rooms to couples/singles/small groups, with only around 10 people per cabin all up – but this depends on numbers and availability. More pics here:

In addition, there are powered and unpowered sites, plus an option for dormitory-style pavilion camping if we have need.




Arrive Tuesday for an evening meal and welcome that night. Our formal program of speakers and activities will commence Wednesday, and continue through to Monday.

Each day will begin with field recording sessions, with the option to go out independently or in the company of an experienced recordist. Our provisional speakers program is here, and will consist of both indoor presentations and hands-on outdoor events. At the end of each day we’ll be running a live blogging and social media workshop, followed after dinner by a less formal evening program or recording opportunities.

Contributions for the speaker’s program are warmly invited, please discuss with one of the members listed below.

Departure is at your leisure, but anticipated after breakfast Tuesday.


1. Accommodation and catering must be booked independently and directly with Camp Cypress:

  • Directly to JanetĀ Fitzgerald, the booking officer at Camp Cypress (as she’ll be the one allocating accommodation) – ph: 02 6843 1035, email:

(Note: Camp Cypress have bookings via their website, but it is not advised as they have to be manually redirected.)

2. Register for the workshop with one of the members listed below, or online at:

Andrew Skeoch: 0419 091979, e:
Sue Gould: 0457 343 261, e:, or
Bob Tomkins: 03 5784 2041