Links to Tutorials/Seminar Videos

Here are a collection of videos from members, focusing on software tutorials and natural history talks

Links to useful sites

Recording Societies
Wildlife Sound Recording Society
Nature Sounds – the website of the Nature Sounds Society
Nature Sounds Society Japan (in Japanese)
Sonatura audioblog (in French)
Club voor Natuurgeluiden Registratie (in Dutch)

Bioacoustics – the International Journal of Animal Sound and its Recording

Sound libraries
Australian National Wildlife Collection Sound Archive
British Library Sound Archive – wildlife sounds of Australia and New Guinea
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: Macaulay Library
Animal Sound Archive (in German)
AVoCet Avian Vocalisation Centre

Sound sharing sites

Nature Recordists Mailing List Archives
Bioacoustics Mailing List Archives
naturerecordists Yahoo! Groups

Something different but Australian
ABC podcast – Birdbrain episodes
ABC podcast – Birdbrain bonus interviews (including some of our members)

Specialist manufacturers, resellers and modifiers
Oade Brothers
Saul Mineroff Electronics Nature Division
Solid State Sound
Telinga Microphones
Frontier Labs

Software of interest
Avisoft Bioacoustics

AWSRG member sites
Andrew Skeoch:
David Stewart:
Vicki Powys:
Hollis Taylor:
Fred Van Gessel: