Membership of the AWSRG

Are you interested in recording and listening to Australian birdsong and other wildlife sounds such as frogs, insects and mammals? Would you like to learn more about field-recording equipment and techniques? Have you ever wondered what is the most useful audio processing software? Would you like to share your observations of wildlife sounds with other like-minded people?

Our friendly group welcomes both beginners and experienced recordists.

Experience the benefits of membership

We hold workshops every two years (in various parts of Australia) and we produce a twice yearly hard-copy, 20 page journal with members’ articles. We also create an audio CD comprised of members’ recordings.

Membership in our group brings the many benefits of connecting and interacting with like-minded folk via email, snail-mail or face to face.

Students can benefit from our reduced membership fees and we also welcome overseas members.

Membership renewal is due on January 1st of each year.

  • Full Membership

    $50 per year

    INTERNATIONAL: $60.00 per year

    Student Membership

    $30.00 per year

    INTERNATIONAL: $40.00 per year