Membership of the AWSRG

Are you interested in recording and listening to Australian birdsong and other wildlife sounds, such as frogs, insects and mammals? Would you like to learn more about field-recording equipment and techniques? Have you ever wondered what is the most useful audio processing software? Would you like to share your observations of wildlife sounds with other like-minded people?

Our friendly group welcomes both beginners and experienced recordists.

The Benefits of Membership

The AWSRG holds field workshops every two years, bringing together members from around the country with many different focuses of interest and activity. The cross-disciplinary interactions that eventuate are rich and engaging, opening up new perspectives for everyone. We aim to hold these biennial field workshops in a natural location, accessible from major population centres yet suitable for practical field recording activities.

There has been discussion of more informal and regional get-togethers too, but the COVID situation has not allowed us to initiate these as yet. Soon we hope!

The group also produces a twice-yearly, 20-page journal ‘AudioWings’, featuring articles and accompanying audio recordings made by members. This is only available to paid up members, who have the option of receiving the journal and CD posted in hard copy, or as a digital download freely accessible via Bandcamp (or both).

We are currently in the process of creating a digital archive of all past journals and CDs, also accessible to current members. Free codes to download from Bandcamp will be accessible from the member’s section of this website. The password to this section will be changed each year, and current passwords sent to members.

The AWSRG also host a regular, monthly series of online seminars with speakers both from within the group and invited from further afield, on a range of topics including natural history, research, technology, field craft and studio techniques. These seminars are open to all, held via Zoom, and notified by subscribing to this website.

In addition, we keep in touch and share knowledge through our email list, which you can join here.

All in all, AWSRG membership brings the many benefits of learning from, collaborating and interacting with other wildlife and nature sound recordists, both online and in person.

We offer reduced membership rates for students, and we welcome overseas members.

One-off Annual Membership

Click here for payment of membership for a single year. Payment is transacted through Paypal, and will process from either cards or a Paypal account. As this is a one-off payment, it does not require you to have a Paypal account.

Overseas rates allow for additional postage of ‘AudioWings’ journal.

  • Full Membership

    $50 per year

    INTERNATIONAL: $60.00 per year

    Student Membership

    $30.00 per year

    INTERNATIONAL: $40.00 per year

Recurring Membership

This option sets up a recurring membership payment, offering the convenience of having your AWSRG membership automatically debited each year. However this requires that you have via a Paypal account (you can still opt to pay by card). You can cancel at any time by logging into your Paypal account and reviewing your recurring and subscription payments.

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