Latest Audiowings Journal + CD

Our journal team of Sue Gould (editor), Tony Baylis (CD editor and publishing) and John Campbell (proof reading) have excelled with the latest edition of Audiowings, which was posted out prior to Christmas.

Regular readers will note an unusual cover for this edition. The bird cages suspended above Sydney’s Angel Place are a sound sculpture by Michael Thomas Hill, called ‘Forgotten Sounds’. Several of the cages have weatherproof speakers installed which play calls of birds which would once have inhabited the location, with recordings supplied by our own Fred van Gessel.

Inside the journal, and as Sue notes in her editorial, honeyeaters form a recurrent theme. The vocalisations of noisy miners are examined by Lucy Farrow, Lloyd Nielsen describes the differing calls of two races of north Qld’s graceful honeyeater, and Sue writes on three of PNG’s meledectes honeyeaters. Honeyeaters also feature in the creative contexts of the multimedia performance of ‘Where Song Began’ by Anthony Albrecht and Simone Slattery, inspired by Tim Low‘s book, plus the aformentioned ‘Forgotten Sounds’ installation.

As Sue says, “that (the honeyeater thread) should occur by chance serves as a reminder to me of the importance of honeyeaters in our part of the world.”

Also in the journal; Tim Duck discusses phase, Tony Baylis reports on this year’s IBAC conference and I our workshop at Smith’s Lake, the Zoom H3 is reviewed, and Sue interviews one of our founding members; Fred van Gessel.

The accompanying CD includes honeyeater vocalisations referred to in articles, regent honeyeaters recorded during the conference by Mike Fitzgerald. Plus lots more of course.

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