South America – A Nature Sound Journey, with Juan Pablo Culasso

Our March seminar will take us to South America, with nature sound recordist Juan Pablo Culasso.

Juan Pablo Culasso Nature Sound Jounrey to South America - AWSRG

From the icy coasts of Antarctica to the Colombian mountain peaks, from the savannas of Brazil to the Pantanal, the largest floodplain region in the world… South America is the land of sonic biodiversity.

Juan Pablo Culasso has traveled the continent with his microphones for more than 15 years to document its hidden side; its sounds.

Every step on this giant continent is a discovery of a new sound – a new music. That Juan has been blind from birth makes his travels, knowledge of nature and depth of listening all the more significant. He invites you to join him on a journey that will change the way you listen to the world.

This online seminar will be held 25th March, at 7.30 pm AEDT, Australian Eastern Daylight (Saving) Time (GMT +11).
This equates to: Qld – 6.30pm, SA – 7pm WA – 4.30pm

The event is free and open to all, however registration is required to access the meeting link. Register here.

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